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Default Uncle Lee’s Pip Hunter template

It allows you to scan for the Zero Hero signals without having the Agimat FX system. It can be set to scan as many TF’s and symbols as you like.

In this example we have used elements from the Agimat FX 2018 as an example with the added TDI plus a few other support indicators to give you the complete Zero Hero Plus layout.

Multi-scan Option

Uncle Lee’s Pip Hunter comes with 3 different templates for the different scan options available.
It is however to be noted, that to enable scanning with the MEQ options, you would need to have the Agimat FX installed on the same MT4 and broker account as the Pip Hunter.

Signal Dashboard

The signal dashboard left side will show you the signals for the Zero Hero setup, those are color coded (optional) and will reflect the trade direction, time frame, number of predicted price movement and a time stamp from the latest scan.

The signal dashboard right side has three rows of information:
1) A candle timer that will reflect the remaining time on the current chart
2) When in trade, you will get a pips meter showing you the progress in pips for the current trade as well as spread on the current pair
3) The last row will give you distance measure to the TP and SL, either based on your entry point or from the current price point

Scanner Options

The option list is long and full of features, anything from opening a signal in a new chart and template of your choice to customizing colors and size of your chart elements.
Fully enabled alerts and push notifications.

For a detailed explanation go to our Knowledge base.

System Requirement

Example shows the Pip Hunter in comparison to a Google Chrome web page and a Word document.
That is even with the Pip Hunter running a dual scan method on 29 pairs and 3 TF’s, so consumes a lot less computer resources than traditional scanners.

We do however still suggest you verify your system resources with our minimum recommendation of a Dual core CPU (3GHz) and 4Gb of Ram (Windows 7 or later. OSX with Bootcamp, VMware Fusion or Parallels).



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