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These are digital items – There are absolutely NO REFUNDS – You are agreeing to this on purchase by ticking the Terms and Conditions Box. If you do not agree with this, then do not purchase from Forex Discount Store.

If you manage to ask for refund/credit or even complaining because the item you bought doesn’t meet your expectation.We will banned your account,and list your name email and address at : http://badbuyerlist.org . Effective: Immediately (No Excuse). Once listed your email address and name will be label as a Bad-buyer on Googgle No 1 spot search engine result forever

Some EA/Indicators may not be working unless you revert mt4 to previous version. If you do not agree to downgrade, then do not purchase from Forex Discount Store.

Here is a pdf file for Method revert mt4 to previous version


We make no warranty of:



3.Simple/Complicated method

4.Bug Free (because we are not the vendor,so we carry no responsibility of any items at our store)All statements regarding the product are Vendor promises, not us… We shall not be held responsible of results caused by any item from our store.

5. We do not promise any update. 
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