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Hello, dear traders. We present to your attention a profitable Forex expert Advisor Night Owl. Its distinguishing feature is multi-currency scalping in the night time. While you dream, this robot earns you profit.

Characteristics of the EA

Platform: Metatrader 4
The Advisor version: 3.02
Timeframe: M15 (EURUSD M30)
Hours: Asian session
Recommended broker: Alpari (ECN account)
Help on installing

Advisor installed as usual. If you first encountered robots in the Forex and you have a lot of questions — download and watch course Forex on Autopilot.

In the EA settings for each pair is already registered in the code, so just open the right pair at the right timeframe and attach the EA to each chart. On each chart, each attached EA to set the correct GMT offset (how to do it, read here and here).
Strategy Advisor

Trading style: scalping in a tight range. The EA works during the Asian session when the trading activity is minimal, and is a scalper a flat character.
Backtest of the EA

Description of settings

EA_Name — the name of the EA
C_1 — explains the value of a field EA_Comment
EA_Comment — field for specifying the comment to the orders
S_1 — explains the value of the field MAGIC
MAGIC — you can ask magic for orders. If the value is 0, the use of the EA for each pair
New_Trade switch placing new orders, the default is True (trading is allowed)
S0 — a line in the settings of “beauty”, has no content
lot — the lot size. If no, use the calculation based on variable Risk
Risk — risk percentage per trade
Hide_SL_TP — to hide from the broker StopLoss and take profit, the default is False (do not hide)
Slippage — slippage in points
C0 — explains the value of a field Max_Spread
Max_Spread — maximum spread. If the value is 0, the use of the EA for each pair.

Recommended values of spreads for EA
Recommended brokers:      Alpari (PRO.ECN.mt4)account.:
Recomendet brocer: Alpari

1. EURUSD — spread is 1.6
2. GBPUSD — spread of 2.0,
3. USDJPY — spread of 2.0,
4. USDCHF — the spread of 2.5
5. EURGBP spread is 3.0,
6. EURCHF spread of 3.0,
7. EURCAD spread of 4.0,
8. USDCAD — a spread of 3.0

S1 line in the settings of “beauty”, has no content
Use_Auto_Time — automatically GMT detection, default FALSE
GMT_Offset — manual setting of the server time (which is GMTOffset)
UseDST to take into account the so-called summer time (eng. daylight saving time), the default is FALSE (ignore)
S2 — line setting “for beauty”, has no content
Trade_Pause_On_Loss — breaker trading pause after receiving a loss on the transaction type, the default is FALSE (ignore)
P — explains the value of a field Pause_Type
Pause_Type — type pause after a loss: 1 — minute, 2 — pips
Trade_Pause_Minutes break after a loss in minutes
Trade_Pause_Pips break after loss in pips
S3 is a line in the settings of “beauty”, has no content
Allow_Second_Open_Trade — switch of the second order after the opening of the first, default false (not used)
Distance — distance in pips for placing second order
Lot_Factor — size factor of the second order with respect to the first
Show_Fractal_Levels to show in chart with the fractals default False (not used)

Attention! Do not change anything in the EA parameters and use only the recommended values of the spreads, if not exactly understand what you are doing!
Recommended money management

Risks to the deal above 7% bet. If you are using a fixed lot, the recommended level is: 0.01 lot for every 200 units of currency in the account.

Night expert Advisor Night Owl is a consistently profitable multicurrency robot scalping type. Without a doubt, this expert deserves attention and is recommended for use on real accounts.

Important !!!

For correct operation of the EA, the trading terminal must be enabled with the opening of the market on Sunday evening to the closing on Friday evening. If you are not able to keep the computer in working order 24/5, it is advised to use a VPS server.



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