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Manhattan PRO EA

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Working Principle – Trading System

Many newcomers, but to be honest, and many pros who consider themselves to be scared away by Martingale, as this principle is perceived as the basis of the trading system.

You need to understand that the Martingale principle is not a trading system, but a money management system i.e. lot size management system. More about this below, but first about the trading system.

What is a trading system?

These are the rules, the system by which Forex advisors  decide on entering and exiting the market.

And here we see an important difference between the Project Manhattan and the classic netizens.

The EA expects a strong movement (powerful impulse) and enters in the opposite direction.

[UPDATE] The new mode allows you to enter not against, but in the direction of the impulse – along the trend!

If TP is not taken, then on the next signal the adviser averages the position by increasing the lot by a factor (many are used to calling it the Martingale principle, but this is not entirely true, since Martingale multiplied the next bet by 2, we have a maximum factor of 1.5 and different for all pairs – depends on volatility)

Advisor works simultaneously in both directions – hedging.

  • It does not build a grid, but always waits for a signal to enter! The signal is a unique candlestick pattern.
  • In the parameters, the StepPips setting is responsible only for the minimum distance between orders, but the maximum is not limited by anything .

Thus, it can withstand drawdowns of several thousand pips while opening 3-5 orders, which gives a reasonable drawdown in most cases, where the classic grid (ilan, autoprofit, grid) will already lose the deposit.

There is also a function DymanicStep which increases the minimum distance between orders using the formula StepPips = StepPips * order serial number. Those. the more open orders the greater the minimum step.

Details about each parameter can be found below in the description of the settings.



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