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1. GreenScalper is Multi EXCLUSIVE. All pairs and M1-M5-M15

Our new product has a unique strategy of overlaying the technologies – flat and trend signals – which is regulated depending on time sessions, market fluctuations, etc. You do not need to do anything – our product determines the current state of the market by a number of indicators.

Thus, the signals become less vulnerable to weak market fluctuations and, as the practice and numerous emulations show, WL gets higher by 10- 30% during the market uncertainty period. This is a powerful breakthrough and we are very happy to share it with you!

2. Elite personal approach: honest performance. ACCURACY in real time

We love to improve your experience. We love to make smart and easy tools. So we create new possibilities and implement new technical terms to name them. GreenScalper has allows you check latest WIN LOSS accuracy of 10-30 signals.

GreenScalper is primarily a manual indicator with auto trade option, so we offer checking you its signals. They do not repaint and you can browse them in history. Also, you may switch between 2 styles – Type A and Type B.

3. Default version is already ideal. Not sure? Get a customization. 
After GreenScalper is installed it uses its default settings instantly. And, default values do not mean average quality. Honestly, we have refined them and optimized per every tick. So in our case default parameters are almost ideal. But since there is no perfection in the world, you can still adjust this system to make it exclusively perfect for you.



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