[DOWNLOAD] FX Hybrid System Manual and Auto trading {2MB}

[DOWNLOAD] FX Hybrid System Manual and Auto trading

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Forex Hybrid Trader is a new ABSOLUTELY NEW type of trading that includes MANUAL version with signals and AUTO TRADE feature. Actually, that’s THREE products in one system. Manual indicator, semi-robot (partly automated signals) and fully automated indicator. If you never tried our products, you maybe slightly confused by both auto and manual trading combination, but if you are one of our followers, you already know how great such a hybrid type is!

Each market period is good for trading, it is the system that varies. You may need to switch from the one to another tool depending on active market state. Meanwhile, our idea was to create the one product to use at any times. Tons of different strategies and materials have been analyzed to determine most significant and successful parts of trading systems. And here is the result. New hybrid generation.

H-Trader is an exclusive system that can be both indicator and robot at the same time. It offers multiple possibilities at ALL MAJOR PAIRS. We are Forex perfectionists and tend to create both smart and beautiful systems. Each piece of a trading chart should be a masterpiece… Yet, it should be simple and intuitive.

H-Trader gives stable signals that do not repaint – you may check them at a chart at any time. Moreover, it calculates it WIN RATIO. Usually when we hear about win/loss ratio we imagine robots… But now it is available for manual systems as well.


The system checks latest signals 30 and counts only those signals as profitable that reached at least 10 pips of profit . Yes, even if it gets 5 pips, it would be counted as a loss as we know that commissions may be applied. So, you would definitely agree that while other developers may give “better results” taking best statistics to show, we give REAL figures that you will have.

Make your own personalized chart – hide or pin the options you need, enter and change settings. Feel free to select any timeframe from M15 to H4 (including M30, H1). After you install it at the chart you adjust and adapt trading panel for your needs.

What is a Hybrid Trader 3+2 Set

 MANUAL, SEMI-AUTO, FULL AUTO.FX Hybrid system can be operated as a manual indicator. In this mode it produces signals and gives alerts. You may follow them as you decide.To make it simple and comfortable we added a semi-auto feature. When you command Hybrid Trader to auto trade next signals, it opens a relevant order, modifies it with Stop Loss and Take Profit and follows it until it is closed. It represents a dream of all manual traders, you still rule over the market, but the process is automated. And fully auto trading is also available. ACCURATE SYSTEM. Algorithm is based on a special hybrid core wiith self-adaptable parameters. So when you apply it to any of major pairs you may be sure that we use optimized settings, not just the average fixed values. HONEST SYSTEM. There are NO TRICKS. We do not simulate results, we do not hide statistics. If you trade in a manual mode and follow its signals, you can be sure that it doesn’t repaint. Signals are not lagging and are true to the trend.



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