[DOWNLOAD] AIDA Expert Advisor {1MB}

[DOWNLOAD] AIDA Expert Advisor

The AIDA Expert Advisor trades according to the principle: set the news time and wait for where the price will go, if there is no movement in the price, then the orders are canceled, if there is a jump, then the first order is triggered and it does not matter for buy or sell, then the principle of a reversal order follows. This means that the EA does not care where the price goes up or down. If the price reverses, the advisor will open an opposite order and thereby catching a slight upward or downward price fluctuation closes all open orders at the pledged profit, after which the advisor will wait for a new news time and so on all the time .

The minimum deposit is $ 100. The Expert Advisor is convenient for those who have a return on the spread ; on the return of the spread, the advisor can earn an additional 3% to 12%.

The EA is easily optimized, all commands are written in Russian. 

For stable operation of the advisor, it is recommended to use a VPS server , rent per month from $ 12.99.

Account requirements:

  • Leverage 1: 500
  • Stop Out not more than 20%
  • Minimum order volume (lots) 0.01
  • Minimum order volume step 0.01
  • Do not use bonuses, they are not taken into account when drawing down and calculating Stop Out
  • Account currency is desirable USD
  • Recommended account with fixed or zero spread ( ECN / NDD )
  • Maximum order volume (lots) 10-100
  • The maximum number of positions is not limited
  • Micro and mini accounts are not recommended.

Additions :

  • Minimum deposit of $ 100
  • The Expert Advisor trades well with both fixed and floating spreads.
  • The Expert Advisor is not whimsical to the currency pair. The timeframe on which the advisor trades from 1 min. and more, I recommend 5 min.
  • The EA comes with tests and templates for optimization.
  • For stable operation of the advisor, it is recommended to use a VPS server , rent per month from $ 12.99

Feedback on the advisor’s work:I do not like to praise, but not in this case, the advisor is good and easy to use, a beginner in trading himself, I thought that everything was complicated, installed the advisor in just an hour, including optimization and tests, and already profit. If it goes like this, I will increase the lot and deposit. (Igor, Verkhniy Tagil)
I’m scared, I’m scared, but the profit is dripping, yesterday I took 28% of the depot. (Dmitry, Vinnitsa)
I put much fewer trades on MA + ADX , but it did not greatly affect the profit, I will probably increase the account a little. (Maxim, Novosibirsk)
I trade exclusively in robots, the news advisor has put it, I like how it works, yesterday 8.6% and so it worked outright, I was pleasantly surprised by its clarity. (Anatoly, Atkarsk)



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