[DOWNLOAD] Excellence Code EA {6MB}

Excellence Code is a fully automated trading EA for the forex market. In this first release, the EA is specially designed for EURUSD. Other currency pairs will be optimized in the next upgraded versions. EA’s unique trading strategy has high accuracy and win rate. The settings have been optimized and simplified for users with small balance. If


This RedFox EA is created for the any currency pair. This is a trend strategy and martingale strategy that uses the Trend Line logic and trades on the M1-H4 timeframes. The EA has a trading panel for managing auto-trading functions and the ability to open trades manually. Recommended Account Type: Cent Minimum Starting Balance: 100,000 USDc = 1,000 USD The


🟢Pair:- All Currencies (Special For Nas100 and US30)🟢Timeframe:- 15M and H1Equity:- Minimum deposit is $100🟢Trend Following StrategySuitable for passing FTMO, prop firm account and other challenges.🟢Not a martingale🟢Not a Grid🟢Always protect trades with stop loss and take profit View this post on Instagram A post shared by Nas100Robot (@nas100_robot) DIRECT DOWNLOAD LINK BELOW  BECOME A VIP

[DOWNLOAD] Forex Scalping EA {2MB}

Seller Price $999 USD Our Price. $10 USD The Forex Scalping EA strategy uses reversal trades for scalping. You can set the robot parameters according to your preferences and maintain full control over your own trading. Fully customisable settings. Simultaneously trade multiple currency pairs. DIRECT DOWNLOAD LINK BELOW  BECOME A VIP MEMBER TODAY AND GET INSTANT ACCESS TO ALL


Mean reversion range EA for majors and cross currency pairs. Timeframe: M15. Broker timezone settings. “Winter UTC offset, hours” – winter offset.  “Winter/summer changes schedule” – schedule of server DST shift. It is UTC+2/+3 winter/summer by default and it is valid for most brokers. Risk settings. Volume is set with inputs “Money management“, “Value for

[DOWNLOAD] Golden Pickaxe MT4 V1.53 No DLL + Sets Unlimited {5MB}

Golden Pickaxe is a mean-reversion grid trading system that uses machine learning technology to place high-profit potential trades on the Gold market. It uses real market inefficiencies to its advantage to have an edge over the market. The EA has 5 predefined set files, which are essentially 5 different trading systems on gold. You may choose the default option (XAU


The Expert Advisor is designed for aggressive trading. The EA has built-in new methods for determining the direction of the trend. The Expert Advisor trades with a minimum profit using a system without loss, controlling every trade. Monitoring of real trading in my account – https://www.mql5.com/en/users/vitalvasa/seller Divide the available capital into 10 parts Open an account

[DOWNLOAD] Waka Waka EA v3.55 NoDLL Unlimited + Sets {1MB}

DOWNLOAD FILE SIZE: 30MB VALUE: $1850 Waka Waka is the advanced grid system which already works on real accounts for years. Instead of fitting the system to reflect historical data (like most people do) it was designed to exploit existing market inefficiencies. Therefore it is not a simple “hit and miss” system which only survives by using grid.

[DOWNLOAD] Evening Scalper Pro {1MB}

Download Files Size : 1MB Value : $1850 Evening Scalper Pro is the state-of-the-art mean-reversion trading system that operates during the American trading session. It’s very different from most other scalping systems, since it uses a unique trading logic on cross pairs that have a strong mean-reverting tendency with high profit targets. EA enters the market with market orders from

[DOWNLOAD] EA Project 86 MT4 {1MB}

Download Files Size : 1MB Value : $2000 The construction of a breakdown system includes the following steps: 1. Determination of the current volatility and the breakdown threshold. The current volatility, in this case, is defined as the difference between yesterday’s daily high and the daily low. The breakdown threshold is set at 70-75% of