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Max Trading System

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Here What You Get MAX 9, MAX 10 and MAX 11 + Application Room + 23 Videos + PDFs Manual + MT4 indcators and Templates.

Standard Course

The MAX Standard Course teaches the MAX method as developed by Dr. James Pruitt. Trading is a tough business. Authentic trading education is an essential preparation. The Standard Course is 7 weeks of intensive study, and requires a significant amount of study and practice.

The MAX Standard methodology works equally well in any market, and is designed to pull the most possible profit from a market movement, and do so without increasing your risk.
As an example, a recent 150 pip trend yielded 219 pips using the MAX Lite system.

However, the MAX Standard method extracted 340 pips, and even more profit could be realized using the Advanced MAX techniques (approximately 730 pips) with no additional risk.

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All information needed to access the MAX Course for which you are enrolling is emailed to you promptly, and you will receive several reminders prior to the date your training begins.

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Course Description

The MAX Standard course is a live webinar training providing more than 10 hours of class time.
The tuition fee includes over 14 hours of training with our pro trader, Jerry Stauffer, plus the following:

    • 7-part webinar series, 1 part per week for 7 weeks
    • each session is approximately 2 hours
    • a video of each class session is provided
    • MAX Profit Acceleration techniques
    • participation in the class email group
    • ability to ask questions
    • opportunity to see & learn from other student charts and assignments
    • personal evaluation and comments regarding your homework


Training includes the basic and intermediate strategies, along with money management training.
Risk management is built into the methodology.
Our templates and specially-designed indicators are included at no additional fee.


Each session is video recorded for you to download.


MAX Standard Training Course



This comprehensive MAX Standard Course Includes:

  • 7  training Webinars, all indicators and templates included
  • Interactive Course sessions
  • Personal marking & comments on your homework charts
  • Questions answered by either email or live in the Course sessions.
  • Access to the Homework Group
  • A recording of every session
  • All Indicators & Templates & Course notes, chat  & Presentation Slides & Charts