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Forex PreCog Indicators:
Templates: Forex Precog 
Documents: Forex PreCog Manual.pdf and 8 Cheatsheets
Videos: 6 DVDs (+/-1Gb)

NoteBonuses will be sent step by step by Vendor on weekly basis.
Forex PreCog Update 1 :Webinar+000-Intro To The System.mp4,Webinar+001-Trading In The Goldilocks Zone.mp4 and Trading In The Goldilocks Zone.pdf
Forex PreCog Update 2 :Webinar+002 - Double Edged Trading+pdf
Forex PreCog Update 3 :Webinar+003 - Zone Profiteering+pdf
Forex PreCog Update 4 :Webinar+004 -The Law of Diminishing Risk&Profit Amplification+Pendulum Profit Raker Trading System
Forex PreCog Update 5 :Webinar+005 Profiteering+Trend+Profiteering.pdf
Forex PreCog Update 6 : Webinar+006 - The Trade Grinder+Max Dominator RSI Trading System Bonus.
Forex PreCog Update 7 : Webinar+007 -Sixth SenseTrading.mp4+6th+Sense+Trading+Report.pdf
Forex PreCog Update 8 : Webinar+008 - The Target Entry Elevator+TargetEntryElevator.ex4.
Forex Precog Update 9 - E.S.P. Software
Forex Precog Update 10 : Webinar+010.mp4+Russ Horn - Holy Grail.mp4
Forex Precog Update 11 : Forex PreCog Webinar+011.mp4
Forex Precog Update 12 : Forex PreCog Webinar+012.mp4+Webinar+013.mp4