[DOWNLOAD] Z Winner 21 Trading System {3MB}

[DOWNLOAD] Z Winner Trading System

The ZWinner 21 Trading System is the one that can be applied to all the market conditions. It can be traded on the Long Term, Short Term and even Scalp the One Min Time Frame. One can trade all the day long with the one minute scalper and stop whenever the trader like and start again whenever the trader want. By only using the power of the scalper, one can make almost 100 pips a day.First of all let’s see the indictors that have been used in the ZWinner21 trading system. The details of how these indicators are used and how they help us in making different trades are given in the three manuals that are attached. The list of the indicators is as follows:

  • Support and Resistance
  • ZWIN Signals
  • ZWINNER Trend Indicator
  • ZWINNER Signals
  • Trend Strength
  • ZWINNER X Factor
  • ZWINNER Color Signals

The long term trading is carried out in the ZWinner 21 trading system in the one hour time frame and same is valid for the short term trades as well but the time frame may be brought down to thirty minutes or fifteen minutes. However, the scalping is carried out in the one minute time frame.Scalping is the most profitable when the market is volatile. All the traders need for such conditions are three indicators, the ZWINNER Heart, the ZWINNER Brain and the Trend Strength Indicator. These indicators will provide very good signals for trades and filter out the bad trades.There are three manuals attached with the system. It is essential for the traders to go through these manuals one by one and then follow the instructions given in these manuals religiously to avoid losses and increase profit in the trading.Time FrameFor long term trades, it is recommended to use the 1H Time frame.For short term trades, M30 and may be M15 is recommended but M30 is far better.For Scalping use the M1 Time Frame.Entry and Exit RulesThe trade entry and exit rules are mentioned in the three manuals attached with the system. These rules are different for different kinds of trades depending upon the time frame and the market conditions.Money ManagementEvery mechanical system has to follow with very strict money management and risk management rules. The risk level may be adjusted by the trader himself. However, it is recommended not to risk more than 2 percent of the account on single trade.
What you will receive today:

  • 8- Indicators- Support and Resistance, ZWIN Signals,, ZWINNER CCI, ZWINNER Trend Indicator,ZWINNER Signals, Trend Strength, ZWINNER X Factor, ZWINNER Color Signals, 
  • 1- Template- Zwinner21.tpl
  • 3 – PDF manuals- ZWinner21 Owners Manual, ZWinner21 Range Trading Manual,  ZWinner21 Scalping Manual



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