[Download] Walter Bressert Using Cycles to Sell Tops and Buy Bottoms

Walter Bressert Using Cycles to Sell Tops and Buy Bottoms
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Walter Bressert – Trading Techniques to Buy Bottoms and Sell Tops Big reversal tops and bottoms occur at the peaks and valleys of long term moves. Smaller and tradable tops and bottoms also occur in trending moves. With appropriate timing and a coninuing trend, buying in an uptrend or selling in a downtrend is low risk. Walt will show you how to identify trends and trade bottoms and tops with three mechanical trading techniques. You will acquire specific techniques for identifying trends and you will learn how to trade with the trend. You will also learn how to anticipate and trade trend reversals. Walt will show you mechanical buy/sell signals applicable to any market, in any time frame. Finally, he will provide you with some simple, profitable money management techniques to reduce risk and take advantage of the big moves when they occur. Walter Bressert has been using market cycles to trade stocks and commodities since the 1970s when his HAL Commodity Cycles was one of the most widely known advisory services focusing on cycles. Chartered economists have not much chance to reach success in stock trading. Such a conclusion was made by the legendary trader Walter Bressert. Unlike most of his colleagues, he received a good education in economics. However, starting to make transactions on the trading floor, quickly disillusioned with their theoretical knowledge. Widely known for its dictum that the graduates of educational institutions providing economic profession, as a rule, is not so well understood how the world is arranged. They just do not know life, so, their decisions are based solely on theory, and are often wrong. As a consequence – loss of capital. Walter Bressert devoted his life to the trade studying. He paid special attention to technical analysis of market conditions, which he regarded as the foundation of a correct prediction. Walter willingly shared his experiences with market participants.



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