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SintesiFX Indicator

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SintesiFX is an indicator offering a “synthetic view” of the 8 major currencies: USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, CHF, CAD, AUD, NZD. You can choose the currency you want to focus on, just selecting it in the input parameters.

Have you ever traded one currency pair like EURUSD while at the same time keeping an eye on what happens on other major pairs like GBPUSD, USDJPY, AUDUSD? You surely have noticed that the price movements on all pairs have some correlation, and if a breakout or a reversal on one pair is not followed by a similar breakout/reversal on the other pairs then in most cases you are seeing a false breakout or a false reversal. That typical “false move” that is just enough for triggering the stop loss of many inexperienced traders before the price resumes its “true” direction. If you have traded for any length of time you surely know what I’m talking about, and you surely have experienced the bad feeling of having being caught in a classic “trap”.

Now imagine you can easily look at your EURUSD chart with an indicator that tells you the “true story” about what’s happening on the other most important pairs related to EURUSD. An indicator that offers a realtime “synthetic view” of how money is flowing for EUR or for USD on the major currency pairs (EURUSD included). This indicator is “SintesiFX“.

Once you compare the price movement of EURUSD with the synthetic price movement displayed by SintesiFX you can realize soon how many “traps” are laid down before you. If you see a price movement on EURUSD that is not followed by a similar price movement on SintesiFX then beware because you may be tempted to enter a trade “with the trend” just when that trend is about to finish and reverse. As an example you notice an “higher high” pattern on EURUSD and you think it is the right time for playing a breakout trade. On the contrary SintesiFX tells you another story because a “lower high” is underway. In this case a reversal is very probable, not a breakout!

The following picture is worth more than thousands words:

As you can see many “highs” and “lows” in the last five months of EURUSD activity show up quite differently with SintesiFX. As an example we have a “regular bearish divergence” when we see an “higher high” on EURUSD that matches with a “lower high” on SintesiFX. In the chart above we have examples of both “bullish” and “bearish” divergences, both “regular” and “hidden”. All the “white lines” and the up/down arrows in this chart were drawn by hand, but SintesiFX divergences usually show up with such dramatic evidence that any trader can learn how to  identify them in a short time.

The truth to be said divergences are one of the most powerful patterns “smart” traders constantly use to enter winning trades.

Instead of playing the “prey” game they play the “predator” game, going just in the opposite direction of the prevailing “trend” when this trend is about to exhaust and reverse. Divergence trades usually have a very low risk/reward ratio because they are generally followed by “panic selling” or “panic buying” generating sharp price moves.

In few words: SintesiFX is an amazing indicator for spotting divergences and you can use it on all major currency pairs and on all timeframes.

We know a pretty good manual technique for trading divergences and we are disclosing it along with the indicator. Now it’s your time to have a chance to play the “predator” game 😉

What You Get

  • The “SintesiFX” indicator
  • A bonus indicator that helps identifying local highs and lows (“HyperFractal”)
  • A manual with instructions



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