[DOWNLOAD] Scalper 2D Plus {4MB}

[DOWNLOAD] Scalper 2D Plus

Download Files Size : 4MB Value: $99.00

There are many trading indicators and so there are many traders. Each trader searches for the proper one that is stable, accurate and relevant to their personal trading style. Though, it is a lucky chance when you get one. It is easy to get lost in a dozen of alternatives of market offers. Moreover, no one can be equally good at trends and flat, while traders tend to use the same one trusted indicator at all times.

1. Multi-tasker Combination of universal and yet a very personal trading algorithm has been our top priority. What exactly do we offer within this concept is a personal multi task algorithm of this indicator. It works with the same algorithm in different market conditions with the equal success. It  is a smart auto adjustable pattern that switches sub-algorithms to the specific terms. Like our New Scalper 2D that works in both trading Dimensions.

There is no ideal indicator for everyone, but there can be a personal indicator just for you. Interested to check it out? That’s simple. We offer a personal customization of our Scalper 2D Plus. We are sure that it will provide you with a fantastic individual experience of trading.

Moreover, it is already optimized specifically for each of major pairs. It is a multi-personal system for manual and auto scalping at M5-M15.

Scalper 2D Plus is amazing in its control. It has optimized set of features and intuitive interface. It is a very pleasant complement to its main advantage of accurate and stable signals. We are sure that you will enjoy trading with it as we modify and update every of our products according with preferences of traders. We follow your emails and take inspiration in your ideas. Scalping with us is really exciting!

When you install Super 2D Plus Scalper at any chart, it detects type of the pair and activates one of the sub-algorithms responsible for its pattern. It makes the system universal and pair-specific at the same time. This way, signals are not based on just some average values but are result of optimized sub-algorithm. Usually trends are rather short at scalping, so accurate signals are just a half of your success, another part is your fast reaction.



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