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Trading robot for overclocking a deposit

This is the most versatile and easy-to-configure trading robot that we have presented. This trading system can work with any currency pairs with a small adjustment. It is also ideal for quickly accelerating a deposit and shows stunning results –  up to several thousand percent per annum .

Now let’s disassemble

It is in this form that we decided to launch the robot on sale. However, we wanted to give you even more and we supplemented it with three author’s developments:

  1. Smart breakeven – very flexible settings. As a result, it makes it possible to earn more and does not leave the market ahead of time.
  2. Optimization – you don’t need to tweak the settings every day. You set up the robot once and this is enough for correct operation over long time intervals (weeks, months).
  3. Auto-lot is a crazy development that allows the robot to set the lot size based on the amount on the deposit. In the screenshot, you saw how, without an auto-lot, the robot made + 146% to the deposit in less than a month and then on the same settings, but with an auto-lot already + 900000% to the deposit in a year.

How much is  Profit Fx 1.96 ?

Agree, with such a profitability, author’s development and an algorithm that has no analogues yet, it can be sold for 100,000 rubles. With the same deposit, you will get this money back within a couple of weeks. Nevertheless…

We understand that in addition to the robot, you also need a deposit on the account. And the more you have a deposit, the more you can earn and come back to us for new products. For this reason, the cost of the Profit Fx 1.96 robot  :

Let us describe the trading principle in more detail:

  • The robot monitors the market and collects buy or sell orders using a unique algorithm;
  • Constantly evaluates the strength of the movement and adds new trades at the required size;
  • When reversing, makes opposite orders and prepares to take profits at the specified levels;
  • Elements of the grid and martingale are used with the ability to limit or increase risk / reward;
  • Recommended for small deposits on cent accounts (to minimize drawdown).

The main advantage of the Profit Fx forex advisor   is the  fast acceleration of the deposit , since the size of transactions increases based on the strength of the movement.

What does Profit Fx 1.96 version include  ?

  • You trade anything from currency pairs, stocks and futures to commodities – wherever there is movement. On almost any time frame and market
  • You earn during strong movements (volatility); in a calm trend, the robot makes fewer trades. This allows you to maximize your profitability.
  • You do not worry about terminal failures, since positions are monitored around the clock and in which case, there is always an opportunity to recover.
  • You are not worried about possible power outages or Internet connection, since the advisor works remotely on a dedicated server and is not tied specifically to your computer.
  • You expose trading on a schedule, if necessary, and do not tie yourself to a certain time.
  • You are confident in the stable operation of the Expert Advisor over a long period, it works according to the specified algorithm and does not deviate from it.
  • Every time you enter any movement at the best price, no trader can physically enter so successfully manually and master the calculation of the required lot size.
  • You hedge positions through reverse trades – the robot is often both buy and sell.
  • You own a unique instrument with a possible maximum profit of several thousand percent per annum!



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