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Kung Fu Pips

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After 8 months of grueling statistical studying and formula application, Rudy Wong developed and refined to perfection this super-simple, straightforward and deadly powerful Kung Fu Pips indicator.

Unlike the aggressive and compulsive volatility of other candlestick indicators, Kung Fu Pips relies on calm, calculated and logical trends. If the first indication arrow is missed, other opportunities will pop up. Depending on your capital, there’s no harm in taking trades on all the arrows. More trades, more rewards!

At the appearance of an arrow, Kung Fu Pips has the ability to alert you by popping a trade message with the value of the Take Profit regarding the traded security.

Kung Fu Pips watches what the market is doing in real time and generates signals to place a trade. All you need to do it to check and verify it is a valid signal and either place your trade or wait for a different signal.

In Kung Fu, techniques are divided into 4 areas:

Grappling and Throwing
Seizing and Locking the Joints

Kung Fu Pips uses a similar practice to deal with every type of market fluctuation and will allow you to act and react effectively. Here are some examples:

Striking: Bullish Engulfing Pattern. Kung Fu Pips sees these patterns before anyone else and alerts you by email or pop up to open positions based on reversal of the pre-existing trends – time to strike!

Kicking: Bullish Kicking Pattern. Kung Fu Pips recognizes when a candlestick pattern is telling you that buyers are taking control of the currency pair with unprecedented accuracy – giving you a low risk, high odds play.

Grappling and Throwing: Bullish Breakaway Pattern. Kung Fu Pips recognizes a burst in the opposite direction from the very beginning so you can ride your profits all the way.

Seizing and Locking Joints: Bullish Long Legged Doji Pattern. Just like in Kung Fu, the Long Legged Doji pattern can be an important signal and Kung Fu Pips will alert you of when this is about to happen. This means that you can double, or even triple, your profits with a “follow up strike” (in this case reversals).



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