[DOWNLOAD] Jasmine Marble Trading System {1MB}

[DOWNLOAD] Jasmine Marble Trading System.

What is the method??

First of all, I’m using various method: bago, mouteki, vegas, and etc. but my always use one is jasmine marble. I use all this method in my single account because my broker allows me to separate my desk into several sub desks. So I can benefit from this feature by employing various methods.

The currently active methods are:

  1. CCI and trendsig (it’s original tlatomi method)
  2. Vegas method (one hour vegas)
  3. Mouteki 4hr method (at the beginning of my trading, this is the very profitable one, now no more).
  4. Bago 5 minutes method (thanx to him)
  5. Team Aphid well known The BAT
  6. Very active method I use is Jasmine marble method.

How can I employ these methods? Easy, I pay people to watch my screen and they work 3 shifts covering 24 hour. I’m trading for a living.

What is jasmine marble?

I name jasmine marble because the price movement jumping around like marble before goes to the direction we predict. Forget the name, maybe anyone in the forum can apply different name, even better than jasmine marble, what the heck I don’t care, I just like the name jasmine marble.

I’m using 4hr Time frame custom MACD(13,21,8) and MA(13) simple moving average apply to close for my core method.

Okay, entry exit stop loss:

  1. Entry buy if and only if when close price above MA and MACD hist above zero
  2. Close Exit when close price below MA and MACD hist below zero.
  3. Hard stop loss is 60 to 70 pips (define your personality, aggressive or conservative, aggressive means that you are willing to take more loss to gain more profit)

Sell is the opposite of the buy entry. No magic, just follow the method.

The name of the custom indicator is Jasmine_Divergence.



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