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Hyperboloid (Humanoid)-Multi EA

The multicurrency Expert Advisor for Forex Hyperboloid-Multi  is a grid robot that searches for entry points to the market and, when a signal comes from the indicators built into it, opens market orders Buy and Sell , depending on the signal received.
Further, if the price has gone towards an open order, the forex robot will set the take profit specified in the settings and when the take profit level is reached, the order will close with a profit. If the price went in the opposite direction, then when the price passes the number of points specified in the settings in the Distance parameter , and when the signals from the indicators are confirmed, it will open the order in the same direction, but with an increased lot, by the value of the Lot Multiplier parameter , and will rearrange the take profit level for both orders by the amount specified in the settings of the opening price of the last order. Thus advisor Hyperboloid-Multiaverages open orders, but the take profit level is closer to the current price than with ordinary averaging. If there is already a grid of orders in one direction and a signal arrives to open an order in another direction, the adviser will do this and will continue to accompany new orders with the same strategy. Thus, the forex robot works immediately in both directions, which allows to reduce the drawdown and maintain the deposit in profit, with a long-term price movement in one direction.
The adviser will support this trading strategy when choosing Recovery mode in the settings . In this mode, on the chart, additional buttons will be created to open the first Buy or Sell order . Further, the adviser will accompany these orders, until they are completely closed.
IMPORTANT! The first order, in Recovery mode , should only be opened using these buttons, otherwise the EA will not accompany orders opened by the trading terminal.
In April 2018, for the sake of experiment, the Hyperboloid-Multi trading robot was installed on a competitive account with the Exness broker . And in the first round of the competition, with extreme settings on the M1 period , he increased the deposit for one week of trading from 1000 to  6900 usd, which is 690% per week.
This, of course, was quite risky, but the robot coped with a drawdown, which at one moment was 84% ​​and brought the score to 6th place in the competition.
However, this does not mean that in the future the adviser will be able to do the same. Everything will depend on the market situation and advisor settings . But we try to optimize our advisors so that they trade with the least drawdowns and with maximum profit.

The best trading results, the Hyperboloid-Multi Expert Advisor , shows when trading in multi-currency mode, i.e. when trading simultaneously on six currency pairs.
How this happens : The adviser needs to be launched in one terminal, on one trading account, on the M5 period , indicating in the settings of the adviser the currency pairs by which it will trade.
The initial deposit, with this method of trading, must be at least 5,000 units .
Depending on the movement of the market, trading in this way, the profit can be from 50 % to 150 % percent per month, with drawdowns, only 10 % – 30 % . This drawdown is achieved due to the fact that the terminal will open, firstly, multidirectional orders and profitable orders will almost always overlap unprofitable ones. Currency pairs must be selected in such a way that when some move up, then others will move down at that time. It is recommended to use verified sets of currency pairs, which are indicated in set files and are in the archive with the adviser, otherwise the correct operation of the adviser is not guaranteed.

The Hyperboloid-Multi Expert Advisor needs to be installed on only one currency pair, and trading will be conducted in six currencies at once. The number of currencies traded, as well as the currency pairs themselves, can be set in the settings or use the attached set files to load ready-made parameters.



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