[DOWNLOAD] Happy Forex EA Full Pack(10x EAs) {10MB}

[DOWNLOAD] Happy Forex EA Full Pack(10x EAs)

Download File Size : 11MB Value : $331.00

Happy Frequency
Hap py Frequency mix the concepts with risk low/middle/high robot files. All strategy’s is protect with News filter. It is designed to figure with USDCAD, EURUSD, EURGBP, EURJPY, EURCHF, GBPUSD, AUDUSD, USDCHF and USDJPY. The EA trades on the M5 time frame. It must run 24 hours each day , so a VPS is usually recommended .

Happy News
Hap py News may be a Meta trader 4 expert advisor that permits you to automatically trade the news that matter in Forex, no matter the result of the discharge . The robot places pending orders in both directions in order that if the news features a significant impact on the Forex rates, you’re set and prepared to take advantage on the market momentum.

Happy Forex
Hap py Forex system is characterized by stable profits and low drawdown. One of its atributes is that it uses reinsurance trades without increasing of lots. It also uses technical analysis for good entry to the market with News filter. Has various options and settings isn’t blocked to just one currency pair. EA works with any brokers with max. 4 spreads.

Happy Gold
Hap py Gold use scalp,swing trading method with edited ZigZag indi, that best works on GOLD in M30/H1/H4 chart. Modified ZigZag indi checks and fill good points of the chart, the space with these points being equal or above the specified for the worth scale.

Happy Market Hours
Hap py Market Hours uses trend,scalping strategy with indicators, that best works on EUS, ECHF, EGBP, ECAD, UCAD, UC, GU, GCAD, GCHF, CCHF to M15 chart. robot Hap py Market Hours works top on standard account. Beware not every broker good for scalp. Is made with Spread Filter that can stop the robot Hap py Market Hours from entering trade if the spread is above default spread. Uses dynamic stop loss and take profit levels supported market sentiment.

Happy MartiGrid
Hap py MartiGrid use martingale,grid strategy with indicators and with News filter. This strategy requires the most attention. Therefore, we used 99.90% optimization in Meta Trader for the simplest stability and profits. EA Hap py MartiGrid use brand new dynamic step and profit.

Happy Trend
Hap py Trend work on high volatility with News Filter, it open max. 1 trade with good money management that attempting to get correct trend movement. Uses dynamic SL/TP and extremely precise market entries.

Happy Way
Hap py Way EA trades with the trend of the market. It trades at 5 stable currency pairs: UC, AU, ACAD, CCHF, ACHF. It do not use any indicator and its uses reinsurance positions without increasing of lots. It has various options and settings isn’t blocked to just one currency pair.

Happy Fast Money
Hap py Fast Money works as grid,hedge with trading pairs EU, GU, EGBP or AU, ECHF, UCHF that cooperate between with one another . The simple method is to open a trade buy,sell limit. Buy and sell new limit means the transaction is executed if the worth has touched the bounds we set.

Happy Algorithm PRO
Hap py Algorithm PRO which measures deflections of the correlative. Hap py Algorithm PRO also can measure performance of the setting, do statistic analysis so as to urge optimal hide SL and TP. We measure the valid deflection of the worth of the actual correlative pairs then we show the difference as a line.

Happy Indicators PRO
Traders know just how important an honest indicators package is to assist them successfully trade the market. Hap py Indicators PRO are a useful tool to assist traders plan and execute their trades at the proper time, the time which will give them both success and longevity in the market.



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