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Green Wave Fx

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The GreenWaveFX is based on two easy-to trade indicators. Our propetary trend indicator that determined the strength of the trend and our exit indicator that helps you milking the most out of a trade. 

The GreenWaveFx trend indicator will alert you with a pop-up alert well in time when there is a potential trade set up. You can even have the alert sent to your cell phone if supported by your broker (most brokers supports this function). Therefore you do not have to sit glued in front of your computer all day waiting for a set up.

The exit indicator is the core of the GreenWaveFX. Where many systems focus on where to enter very few of them spend time of where to exit. You get – at best – a description saying that you will exit when you reach a recent high/low or when the market slows down or when you have reached xx pips. The problems is that the two first options are very difficult to follow in a real trading environment as price can move very fast and you want to take quick profit. As a result you end up with small winners and big losers. 

The GreenWaveFx focus on letting you stay in the trade for as long as possible as our exit indicator is calculated based on recent price movements. The exit-indicator goes back 21 days and also takes into consideration what goes on in the higher time frames (H1 and H4) letting you know the overall trend. 

Let’s say the trend is up and you get a short trade alert. The exit indicator will know that the major trend is up and will move close to current price to get you out with a possible quick gain and not leave you with a risk on the market for too long. If the trend is up and you get a long trade the exit-indicator will know that you trade with the overall trend and therefore they will keep you in the trade longer for you to get the most pips out of the trade.

The exit indicator even tells you the suggested take profit level before you enter into a trade. This this way you never enter into a trade to low risk:reward as you will know the potential gain and the risk before you enter the trade.

Does it sounds a little confusing? Don’t worry we are here to help you and assist you with your trading and unlimited support is included in the price. 

When you purchase the GreenWaveFx you will get three trading templates. 1 for the European session, 1 for news trading and 1 for the US/Asian session. We have built the system to work equally well no matter if you trade the European, the Asian or the US session as the different templates will work equally well. 

Therefore you can trade the GreenWaveFx 24/5 but let’s say you can only trade 1 or 2 hours after NY open you will still do pretty well as the market usually do some nice moves during these hours. 

When I started trading with the GreenWaveFX I had a full-time job. What I did was to take all set up that came during the two hours after I came home from work. I ignored all other set ups set up and slowly grew my account until I was able to make enough money to trade for living.

The GreenWaveFX is designed to trade on the M5 chart. I primary trade EURUSD and GBPUSD as these are pairs with big movements and low spreads. However the GreenWaveFX does also works on all other major pairs like USDJPY, AUDUSD, GBPJPY and many others. 

We also have client, who are trading the GreenWaveFX on the higher time frames like the H1 and H4 so they only have to look at their trading screen one or two times per day.



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