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FX Market Geometry

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FX Market Geometry is a method which was created on the basis of over 10 years experience in currency trading. This is a completely innovative approach to trading, and I’m certain you haven’t seen anything like this before. The technique uses geometrical levels as entry points, and calculates the TP and SL levels down to a pip.

All the calculations are done in an Excel spreadsheet. Although the calculations are based on over a dozen different mathematical sequences, operation and calculation of the levels have been simplified to a minimum. The only thing you have to do to finally join the money-earning traders is enter the current price data for the observed instrument. All the calculations contained in the sheet’s code will show you the exact spots where trades are to be opened, where to set SL order and where to expect profit (TP).

No more uncertainty and hesitation!

The algorithms contained in the spreadsheet will instantly calculate the current price levels. You won’t have to wonder whether it’s time to enter the market or if you should wait some more. The system’s signals are fully non-discretionary. The spreadsheet states the place for entrance, you place the order and make a profit. Simple as that.



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