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YMS Scalper Indicator

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Scalping the Forex trend has been a great trading strategy to millions of traders. But with lots of challenges. Identifying a good opportunity to place a scalp trade is a great task. If you can identify a good entry opportunity to scalp a market trend, you have beat the profit chest.

YMS scalper has its unique way of identifying a perfect scalp entry in a trade. It recognises the divergence that occurs in a trend with clear combination of trend breakout and with lots of dependent technical veriables.

YMs scalper turns you into a trading beast you never imagined. Highly proven profitable entries with over 95% win rate. And can serve as a swing trade when taken to Daily or weekly timeframe.

100% non repaint, with 95% proven 5 to 10 pips directional trend. The YMS scalper gives you BUY or SELL signal. All you do is place your BUY or SELL order when the signa shows up with 5 to 10 pips target. Works on all timeframe but Perfect on H1 timeframes and above.

FEATURES OF YMS SCALPER: – 100% Non repaint signals – Alert on new signal – Alert message on new signal – Works on all Timeframes – Works on all currency pairs – Sure 5 to 10pips target



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