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Forex VCrush Code

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1 template / 1 user manual pdf / 3 indicators

all tf / all pairs

VCrush Forex will make you a consistent trader and you will return a lot of profitable trades, which can potentially give the desired results you were looking for.
Forex VCrush works equally well for swing traders and day traders, and scalpers … It’s because the system VCrush is designed to work on any time frame with no exception.

100% does not repaint trade signals.

Forex VCrush filters out most false signals, so you get only the best trade settings.
The sequence is very important in trade …

That is why we have ensured that the system was working only when there is an extremely high chance of the emergence of a profitable trend.
The signals generated by the code Forex VCrush, very easy to read, totally non-discretionary and 100% devoid of the phenomenon of repainting.

We have tested the code Forex VCrush using logic MTF, to make sure that we weed out the bulk of those pesky false signals that you had the best trade setup in front of you when the system initiates a transaction.

It’s a valid signal to open sell trades.
Place stop-loss above the most recent high.
Close the deal on a sale, when on the chart or on the go an opposite signal appears, so that the risk / reward ratio at least 2: 1 (often you will receive 4: 1).
Ignore any buy signal (BLUE CIRCLE 1), when the VCrush Code MTF painted red!

It’s that simple!

In addition, you will receive Fast VCrush Code Symbol Changer as a free bonus indicator. You can scroll through the different pairs and timeframes 10 times faster.



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