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Forex Smart Bot

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Forex Smart Bot is not a one line code EA. It is a pretty sophisticated hybrid robot that employs a mix of long, medium and short term strategies. Forex Smart Bot will adapt its trading strategy in accordance with the market condition. If the market is trending, it will use a trend trading strategy and if the market is ranging, it will use a range trading strategy so that your ROI is optimal.

Here’s why you must own this precious little personal assistant:

1.Like an Eagle that can see its prey from far away, this EA knows exactly which currency pairs to trade when.
2.With its Auto Associative Memory, it quickly gauges the mood of the market, and picks up right strategy for finding the best entry and the exit points completely on its own.
3.This “Market Savvy robot” knows which settings to choose for optimal profits-It does so amazingly, without any human intervention!!! No more confusion for the users!
4.This “Smart Investor Advisor” takes care of your capital by ensuring maximum safety. No more risky trades that wipe away your account. This EA chooses the trades carefully to give consistent, long term results.Strong money management principles and risk management principles built in.
5.There’s a limit to the maximum number of orders that can be opened at any point of time, as well as on the maximum allowable drawdown. So, no more worrying about crashing your account!!!
6.100% authentic results -verified by 3rd party



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