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Fat Cat Forex Scalper

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Forex scalping is a popular currency trading strategy used on short time frames, such as 1 to 5 minute charts, with quick buy/sell transactions that extract between 2 to 15 pips from the session. These quick transactions are often executed with larger lot sizes so that the smaller amounts of pips scalped will still lead to high profit margins. Potentially, scalpers can make high profits quickly. By increasing the per pip value, with just a few pips, scalpers can exit the market with similar profit margins as more conservative traders. It is easier and quicker for the market to move 5 pips in the positive, than it is for the market to move 150 pips in your favor. 

The rule is simple and easy: BUY if a new green Fat Cat Arrow appears, SELL if a new red Fat Cat Arrow appears. Furthermore, it comes with SOUND and popup message ALERT too, so you will never miss any opportunities. Start to earn many quick pips with the amazing Fat Cat Forex Scalper indicator. 

    It works on all MT4 platforms.

    Works on either 4 or 5 digits charts.

    Comes with sound and popup alert.

    Very visual and easy to follow.

    Works with different instruments and timeframes.

    Very simple rules.

    It NEVER repaints itself. Realtime signals and results.

    Use it on the M1 timeframe or on the higher timeframes.

Buy it today and start to use even tomorrow!



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