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Enhanced Strategy Control EA

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  • You can set your favorite currency up to 10 currencies.
  • You can also say that you move the same currency with 10 different settings.
  • All settings are independent.
  • You can trade up to 10 currencies simply by setting one chart.

※ It does not depend on the currency type of the set chart and time base. 
※ any chart is set to have been set in practice to be traded in accordance with the content that you traded a 15-minute foot on the base. ※ However, a minimum understanding of the exchange rate is necessary. ※ We can not guarantee any loss that occurred when using this EA.

ESC is a compilation of sculpting that incorporates the know-how that 365 has accumulated with our customers. Initially this EA was a part of Queen which was supposed to be a USDJPY dedicated EA (Queen is not yet released), but it is separated and independent due to the good basic performance. And it became the sale this time. It has a fundamentally different specification from other companies’ similar products as follows as a feature.

Feature of ESC

Buy Sell Dedicated Parameters

 This brings a completely different benefit by setting Buy Sell completely independent. This is a strategy that we first introduced at JackC & E and later also introduced VZR Ver2.02 2.03. why? It is obvious if you read the numerical value of the parameter if you say it purposely to another parameter, but the numerical value that the fundamental optimum time zone is used is completely different. In addition, every pair has a completely different tendency. If this trend is not met, EA can not produce its original profit. Certainly there are some selling and buying same parameters that can produce excellent results like our RDB, but it can be operated according to the original strategy only if it is separate. This feature will be introduced to almost all EAs released from 365 in the future

Time protection

This feature was first introduced in RDB and later introduced in Jack. This function is an extremely effective payment method that allows the + side to make a payment by changing TP over time.

Various close processing

The above time protection is a function to change TP value gradually with the passage of time, but it is designed to execute another time protection. This is done in one minute after holding the position this time. This function is distributed to SP6 and 7. Six Minutes Seven is the settlement Pips. It is set to ensure that the sudden change of the moment. 

In this way, our ESC is finished with a multi-currency product that maximizes the voice of the customer. Please check the ESC that has also survived the large market price of this place.



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