Binary Xack is a trend momentum strategy for Binary options high/Low and Scalping based on 7 indicators MT4.

Trading Rules

 The main rules are the foundation of profitable trading, from disciplined execution of them will depend on 90% the success of your trade.

1. No emotions.

Your main task is to think about following the rules and regulations.trade to make the right deal. No need to think andarrived, chasing the result.

2. We trade according to the Trend.

There are high time frames, such as H4 and D1, on which you cansee (by indicators) which direction the market is generally going toup or down. Following this indicator, we enter into transactions forsystem signals only according to the general trend. If on the H4 marketgoes down, and you trade on the M5 timeframe, then go into trades

only downward. Then the chances of a positive outcomemore.

3. Graph Analysis.

When analyzing the lower Timeframe, we always open a deal onhigher (with a higher option expiration time). itmeans that if you analyze the M5 timeframe, then the broker bybinary options you open deals with expiration timefrom 20 minutes.

4. Volatility.

We trade only when the market is active and clearly visibleprice movements. Trading in a calm and quiet market will not bringdesired result. Least market volatility during

Asian session – at night when price movements are minimal.

5. Weekend.

We do not trade on weekends even if the broker provides suchopportunity.

6. Avoid minute charts.

The lower the timeframe, the lower the accuracy of the transaction. Trading turbo

options even observing all the rules the percentage of profitable tradesmay be low. This is due to the fact that on the minute chartthe situation changes too fast and predict exactly the movementThe market is extremely difficult.

7. Trading on the news.

We do not work an hour before and an hour after the release of important news. Any

an economic calendar will provide you with such information

8. Risks.

No fanaticism, gambling, rush and other things. One deal is not should be more than 5-10% of your deposit.

9. Opening hours.

Do not work in a row for more than 1.5 hours. This is the time that mancan be as concentrated as possible. If you feel thattired, take a break. It is necessary that you do not make mistakesdue to fatigue, you will not notice them.

10. Work on the bugs.

Each negative transaction must be parsed according to these(and subsequent) rules. Thus, each time youyou will make fewer mistakes and you will have morepositive deals.

Trading recommendations:

We trade in all MAJOR / Volatile Pairs and exclude fromtrading is not a volatile pair, where the price movement is near zero.

Timeframe for analysis M5 / M15 – Expiration time, therefore

20-25 minutes / 1 hour-1.5.


If you do not go into a complicated description of the volatility of a pair is

active price movement up / down



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