Powerful “Broker-Proof” Graphic User Interface Detect And Click Technology Prevents Brokers From Manipulating Your Trades And From Detecting Any Trading Software By Fooling Them Into Thinking You’re Manually Trading While The Software Does All The HEAVY LIFTING

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Dear Current or Future Trader,

If you’re looking for a way to PROFIT EVERY SINGLE DAY without trying to figure out market direction, you’ll be VERY interested in what I have to reveal here on this page. So, if you’re new to trading—great! You will NEVER want to trade any other way than you will learn TODAY. And if you’re a veteran trader who’s not happy with your results even after countless hours of…”analysis” only to have your trades go in the OTHER direction you thought they would, your whole perspective on THAT type of trading is about to be shattered. It’s time to put it to bed. The type of trading you need is one where even if you’re wrong, you STILL win. One where the “thinking” or “analysis” is done for you. One where your trades are literally almost RISK-FREE, guaranteeing a profit on almost every single one.

That’s what I Do Every Day. FULL TIME. Without Even Spending More Than 15 – 45 Minutes Glued To The Screen Unlike Other “Full Time” Traders

Now, that may sound like some BS you’ve seen and heard before, but, suspend your skepticism for a few minutes while I explain how you can have this type of life too. Hi. My name is Zoltan, and, up until 5 years ago, I was just like you. I knew trading could give the freedom and income I craved. I followed everything spouted by the so-called gurus and experts but they NEVER worked for me. It seemed no matter how hard I tried, it was as if someone on the other side of my trades had me all figured out. I later discovered I was right. Yes, I was (and you are) up against traders who know the ‘ins’ and ‘outs’ of this trading game. They are there at the other end of your trade waiting to take your money. But they’re not the only ones you should be worried about: Your broker may also want to you to go broke. They will also trade against you. So you have no option but to try to outfox the foxes. Let me show you what I did—how I flipped the game on its head and came out a winner. And how it led to my first successful trading account of over $5,000 in profit in just 1 day about 5 years ago that you can see right here…

Click The Image Below To View My $5K Profit in 1 Day IG Account Statement

I Developed A Software To Outwit My Broker &…Also Bypass Going Head to Head With Other Traders

You see, as a professional researcher and developer, I discovered what’s called “arbitrage trading”. It appealed to me because I was simply sick and tired of trying to determine whether I should buy or sell. Here’s what you’ll also love about it: PROFITS ARE LOCKED IN: Arbitrage trading will guarantee you constant profits. You will be using the basic strategy of trading in large volumes or as frequently as possible. With my software, this is automatically done for you, ensuring you a CONSTANT, CONSISTENT FLOW OF CASH everyday! YOU HAVE VERY LITTLE RISK OF LOSING MONEY: Yes, this is literally almost riskless trading. The software is so sensitive and efficient at detecting price differences between brokers in a small amount of time that it immediately exploits that difference to place a trade that guarantees a high rate of profit.

With arbitrage, market direction doesn’t matter one bit. Auto Arb’s competitive edge is based on the delay or hanging of data feed. And for this strategy to work successfully, a fast broker with excellent data feed is needed as well as a slow broker with less efficient data feed where the quotes are delayed. Delayed quotes are a result of inefficiencies in the software of the broker, lack of efficient server performance, and not as fast liquidity providers. The thing is, unless you are VERY fast, this is not humanly possible to catch by hand. ONLY SOFTWARE OR AN ALGORITHIM can do this. I tried what was available on the market at the time. They failed to live up to their promise. With my background in IT, I knew exactly how to design and write my software better than ones I had used to take advantage of this discrepancy. I was overconfident on the first attempt, thinking I had it all figured out. It bombed. Then, after going back to the drawing board and working some glitches out, I tasted success when the upgraded version handed me profits of over $5,000 in a very short space of time. At the time, I saved the evidence to show some naysayers who doubted me, and, now, I’m going to show that same evidence to you.

Click The Image Below To View My $5K Profit in 1 Day IG Account Statement

That was 5 long years ago. And now? With new coding technology, I’ve made it better over time. Feast your eyes on its most recent results in the video below:

Click The Video Below to See Auto Arb Profiting Live!

As you can tell, this software’s worked EXTREMELY well for me. It’s allowed me to live the life I do and… now… it’s YOUR turn. I’m going to give you a ccessto.

In the next few minutes, you can get your hands on this software that can truly change your trading fortune. Here’s how it works. First of all, it will have to be installed on a fast broker platform – a platform with a fast server and price feed. You won’t have to deposit any funds into the fast broker platform it can be a DEMO or LIVE account. It will looksomething like this.

Then here’s where the magic happens: You will then have your MT4… MT5… Binary Options Website Or ANY other trading platform open – from your slow broker, and AutoArb will find arbitrage opportunities and trade for you automatically. Don’t worry – if you’re wondering if your broker is fast or slow, you’ll be provided with a list of very fast ones that work successfully with AUTOARB and a list of slow brokers as well – and we can provide more recommendations upon request. You will also be able to use your own broker(s) as well! Plus, it doesn’t matter the type of asset you trade: It will work on almost ANY currency pair, CFD, Index, Stock, Cryptocurrency or any other trading instruments provided by both of your fast and slow brokers.

But, most important of all, it boasts a built-in GUI (Graphic User Interface) Detect And Click Technology which prevents brokers from blocking your quest to win as many trades as possible. It’s a known FACT that some brokers and liquidity providers  trade against their customers and will attempt to manipulate your trading conditions especially if using automated systems which in most cases they can detect, until now with this unique GUI Detect and Click technology. They will NEVER ever know you are arbitraging or using an automated system, they will only see that you are trading by hand, manually on their end. This feature alone is worth its weight in gold as it will give you an UNLIMITED, UNBRIDLED opportunity to make as much money as you like without interference. But that’s not all. There’s more. The software uses internal time-based trade management for opening and closing trades for you on most platforms. The way it’s set up, your broker won’t even be able to hunt stops as they normally like to do. Now, this begs the question: If the software is so powerful.

Why Am I Giving You Access To Software That’s Making Me So Much Money?

The answer is SIMPLE. I just watched the news. What I saw wasn’t good. I saw frustrated people, wearing masks, standing far apart from each other, in unemployment lines that snaked around blocks. Their government stipends had run out (or almost run out). These people HAD jobs but they STILL HAVE families depending on them. I could only imagine the terror going through their minds while standing in line. I would be terrified. Wouldn’t you be? If they knew what I knew, that terror would be crushed instantly.I am not able to reach any of them but I can reach you. Maybe you haven’t fallen to the depths where you need to join the unemployment line. Maybe you have. Either way, the position I am is where you need to be also. I win whether the economy is in the toilet or not. As long as there are fast and slow brokers, I will ALWAYS, ALWAYS be in a no loss position. I wish I could share this with those people in the line. But I’ll never have the opportunity. ou, on the other hand, have the opportunity they don’t.

You Have The Advantage Right Now To Become Me.

I am giving you the chance to thrive while uncertainty rages. Nobody knows what will happen in the future. But one thing I am most certain about—as sure as the Sun will rise tomorrow—is that arbitrage opportunities with AutoArb will occur every single market day. If you make a job replacing income, without working, wouldn’t you be on your way? Don’t you think you could soon begin seeing the light up ahead out of the dark tunnel you’re in? With what’s going on, it’s in your best interest to get AUTO ARB. The authentic results at the top of this page beg that action. And I’m going to make it easy for you.



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