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AIMS Stress Free Trading

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The Secret of Any Successful Forex Trading Strategy is in these
3 Simple Points
A successful system must have the following:

Crystal Clear Entry Signals

Bigger Winning Trades Compared to Losing Trades

Simple Profit Taking Techniques and Risk Management
Here is what AIMS can do for YOU

Spot on Visual and Audible Entry Signals

Accurate Visual and Audible Exit Signals

Works in Trending and Non-Trending Markets

Simple Visual Trailing Stop Loss

Low Risk Initial Entries

3 Simple, Easily Understood Entry Rules

Trailing Stops similar to the Legendary Turtles Technique

Sound Money Management and Position Sizing

Chose from Trend Following, Breakout and Counter Trend Techniques. Any market condition, we’ve got it all covered

The Strategy in a Nutshell

AIMS Stress Free Trading Strategy offers 3 Entry Mechanisms: 2 Breakout Setups and 1 Counter Trend Strategy. Combined together provides a comprehensive trading edge and a complete trading strategy that caters for all kind of markets and traders. 

AN OBJECTIVE ENTRY SYSTEMAIMS gives you a crystal-clear entry mechanism with a simple and easily understandable entry setup. AIMS Stress Free Trading takes the anxiety out of trading by applying three simple rules to create two clear entry setups. We know our entry level within a second.
A CLEAR EXIT MECHANISMAIMS Stress Free Trading exit setup offers two options of exiting with profit. One exit technique is for normal moving markets; the other is for fast moving markets.
SOUND MONEY AND RISK MANAGEMENTThe success of the AIMS strategy is based on its sound money management techniques. Our money management and risk control helps us increase our return on investment. AIMS money management and risk control take into account the market conditions. The AIMS strategy allows you to increase profitability when you have winning trades and give little away when you have a negative trade. AIMS techniques allow you to control your risk to a bare minimum and provide a potentially higher risk-reward ratio.



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