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Accura FX 2019 Indicator

Accura FX 2019 V3 Ultra (New!)
Accurate Algorithmic FOREX Indicator with Impressive Results
Who is this Indicator suitable for? Anybody who wants to increase their earnings tradingon the FOREX market. From beginners to advanced traders. This is the ideal tool you should always use for trading successfully in the FOREX Market.
Use it correctly and you will make safe and steady profits. This Indicator can be used forall trading styles. Every strategy is fully possible. If you have the time, use it daily on allyour FOREX pairs. If you live a busy lifestyle, trade on a higher Time Frame, such as H4.
Then all you need to do is check your charts and positions every now and then. Full-timeattention is not required. Trade relaxed and make use of the spare time instead of beingglued to the monitor all day long.
Accura FX 2019 V3 Ultra is the perfect companion for trading daily on all your favoriteFOREX currency pairs. In fact you can trade any and all instruments available in MetaTrader4. According to the trend and other market conditions, the time frames I use are M5, M15,M30, H1 and H4. At the moment I am using M15, M30, and H1 trading these 6 pairs withincredibly precise accuracy:

AUD/JPY, AUD/USD, EUR/AUD, EUR/USD, USD/JPY, XAU/USD (Gold). You will getgreat results on all FOREX pairs. Check the screenshots above to see how it performs.For beginner traders I do not recommend trading Gold. Depending on the broker, thespreads can be very high.This also includes exotic FOREX pairs. Check the spreadsfirst. Gold is very volatile, be careful. It can move 900+ pips in a day easily.
Otherwise, if you are an experienced and responsible trader, feel free to tear up thecharts on GOLD in BIG Profits with this Indicator! When things are volatile and moving,this is when and where the Indicator makes predictions of big market moves – It’s Payday!
This applies to Gold and ANY other highly volatile FOREX currency pairs.
1. Algorithmic Mathematical System with Filtering: For market analysis based on many    factors for accurate examination and calculation of precise Buy/Sell signals.
2. Green arrow = BUY. Red arrow = SELL: When the arrow changes from green (Buy)    to red (Sell), close the Buy position and open a Sell position when you see a red arrow.
    Notifications with sound will show you good Buy/Sell opportunities. I recommend you    let the notifications stay ON so you never miss a good trading opportunity. Notifications    on the screen with sound are enabled by default.

3. Push Notifications: Need to go somewhere and leave the house? No problem!    With Push Notifications you will receive Buy/Sell signals sent instantly to your    Android/iPhone MetaTrader 4 app! Take the power of Accura FX 2019 V3 Ultra    with you wherever you go.
4. Works with all FOREX brokers and account types: Standard, Micro, Nano, Mini.    This Indicator is for the MetaTrader 4 platform. Use it on Windows PC, Mac, Linux.
5. 100% NO REPAINT: Back test it on any FOREX pairs and Time Frames. Instructions    on how to run the MetaTrader 4 Strategy Tester are included. Use it on live trading    account and start trading immediately, with Confidence!



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